kdeconnect as default app in kaddressbook for phone call ?


If in Firefox I click on a phone number then a window opens where I can select kdeconnect then my smartphone, then this launches the phone app in android. Good.

If in kaddressbook I click on a phone number, then this launches skype.

I would prefer that kdeconnect is launched. How to do that ? How to make kdeconnect as the default app for phone call in kaddressbook instead of skype ?


Did you try to configure this in the KAddressBook configuration or do you just ask here as your first action?

When you tried, then please tell what you tried so that not the people that want to help you have to walk that path in vain.
tWhen you did not try, why didn’n you?

I did not try to configure kaddressbook.

I assume somewhere there is a setting with the result that skype is the default phone app for kaddressbbook. How to change this ?

Why not? to me it seems to the place tos start with your investigations.

Can you check ~/.config/mimeapps.list?
For me that looks like:

>$ grep -P '(skype|kdeconnect)' ~/.config/mimeapps.list  

If that is the case, open ~/.config/mimeapps.list, and change the entry for x-scheme-handler/callto to org.kde.kdeconnect.handler.desktop

If that does not work, please share the output of this command (including the command it self) Using Code Tags Around Your Paste.