KDEConnect and bluetooth?

Is anybody able to use KDEConnect through a bluetooth connection?

KDEConnect should have gained the ability to use bluetooth about a year ago, but I am not able to use it here.

It would be very convenient for me at work, because my workstation is connected to the LAN using cable, while my cellphone is connected to wifi on another subnet.

Thank you in advance

Well, I see that nobody really is using KDEConnect with bluetooth, unfortunately.
However, I saw messages from people using it in Ubuntu’s forums, so I know it is working for some people.
Is this something that should be reported somewhere? Like a bug tracker for OpenSUSE?


I’ve never used kdeconnect via bluetooth, it should be there
I’m not sure how the opensuse firewall works with bluetooth check and see what services are allowed, if not for testing purposes disable the firewall and see if your device connects.

Thank you I_A for your reply.
It seems that the firewall does not manage bluetooth connections, as I am not able to select the bluetooth interface when configuring it through Yast.