kde4 factory won't start

Hello all,

Since I updated kde4 factory yesterday, kde won’t start.
I did remove the .kde4 directory and updated to qt factory.
Still can’t start kde.
The xorg.0.log file did not show any weird things.
I am running opensuse 11.1 with the nvidia 180.22 driver.
Kde factory from a few days ago did work fine.

Are there other log files I can examine?
Am I the only one facing this problem?


Kde 4.2 final is due out tues so you might have updated factory while it was in an unstable state.
Try updating again.

I did update all packages from the kde4-factory repository this morning. This did not help.
Now I just reinstalled opensuse 11.1 and I am installing kde factory through one click install right now.
I’ll let you know what the results of this are.
If anyone has tips about where (what log file/startup parameters) to look for kde problems please let me know.

After the fresh reinstall of opensuse 11.1+kde factory, everything seems to work fine!