KDE4.4 Taskbar colors?

I am hitting a wall here - with the new 4.4 installed and working well, the one thing that is killing me is not being able to read the active taskbar item or the plasma peanut menu (see screenshot. You can see that the firefox and gimp are “active” and too dark to read, while kwrite is inactive and readable.

They are BOTH too dark, and I cannot seem to find the option that controls those color elements… can anyone help?



Have you tried the colorsettings in KDEs systemsettings yet? Dark characters on a dark theme is unreadable by nature…

You mean “Personal Settings”? Yes, nothing seems to affect those colors. I tried both slecting a new “theme” (norway) and making the color changes on individual items.

This isn’t a “dark” theme per se - it’s the default theme that was installed with 4.4, unless I changed something way in the past, and it carried through for the upgrade.

Try to see in package management if plasma themes are installed. I’ve had the same behaviour on ones laptop wich had aya theme selected when not installed. The result is grey aya rests with a lot of black from the oxygen theme.

See if it’s installed, then try to switch a few times from one another and log and log out each time to see what the effect is.

verstraete_kenny seems to have a good idea, however…

Yes, nothing seems to affect those colors. I tried both slecting a new “theme” (norway) and making the color changes on individual items.

…this is not a normal behaviour. If kenny solved your problem, this deserves another thread.

Ah HA!
Kenny gave me a good idea… I reinstalled both aya and oxygen, but it didn’t nave an affect. However, I downloaded a random theme, and applied that, and it changed all the colors, then went back to oxygen (and/or aya - works both ways), and the taskbar refresed with the correct colors!


This indeed does the trick.
Now, we’re with the two of us who actually noticed this behaviour. I wonder what the cause might be. Did we perhaps made an error in upgrading kde in some way, or is this a bug wich doesn’t apply to many users and just randomly appears?

anyway… in case of a bug, we got nothing to report. Reproducable?


Obviously, and therefore worth a bug report.

Not necessarily obviously reproducible… I have not seen this on two other machines that I upgraded the same way.
I am going to do a bit more research and see if I can get it to happen again, that way I have logs before and after for the bug report. Without them, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I change themes so much I never noticed this problem…