KDE4.2.* Guide Conflicts

Hi All
Following caf4926’s guide on a clean install of openSuSE 11.1 KDE4
(VMware workstation) with the default repositories I get a big list of
conflicts. I have only added the desktop and community.

Repository List

The update repository is 20, the KDE4 ones 99 and the rest 100.

and here is the list of conflicts;

Conflicts List

I also had the same conflicts when trying on the netbook install as

Is there an additional repository to add or is it the priorities?

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If you know about the priority problem, why don’t you simply change them?

It’s the priorities. The upate repo has some 4.1.3 packages. If I’m not mistaken I thought the update repo was to be set at 99 or higher? You could try that. Otherwise I think you should expect some kinds of conflicts when you update.

Good Luck,


Changing the dvd back to 99 didn’t make a difference :frowning:

What I have done on the vmware machine is to manually start to
select some of the updates (rather than unconditional update in
list). That then started the vendor change conflict to start, so when
through the list and am in the process of now updating… just not
sure of the outcome yet :wink:

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Its the other way it was set at 20 for me and seems the same for the OP…

Lower the number higher the priority… Well what I determined…

Lower number = Higher priority!

The guide:http://forums.opensuse.org/how-faq-read-only/unreviewed-how-faq/414532-kde4-2-how-add-guide.html#post1986169

Does clearly say:

setting the priority of your repositories all to 99 (Except the OSS and NON-OSS which should be 120)

What else can I say!

LOL, that I need glasses :wink: I have updated fine now… so now to get
my head around all this freaky KDE4 stuff.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Good to hear you are making progress Malcolm.

ATM Folks are going crazy overboard with adding repo’s, there is some kind of frenzy going on. And a right mess they are getting themselves in. Keep it simple. Good luck.:wink: