KDE proxy


Is it possible to set a http proxy address depending on which network you are connected to? For example, if I’m at home I want to use my own proxy but if I’m at work or on assignment somewhere, I don’t want to have that interfere with my browsing.

Using KDE, and I have found the proxy settings for KDE in general. Suggestions?

Depending on what kind of app need to be proxied, there are application layer proxies (eg web browser settings) and there are system level proxies (eg YaST proxy setting).

You should start with whether you are actually running any proxy servers for both your work and home networks.
If no proxy servers are set up, then everything usually should “just work” if your system i configured as a DHCP client… When you switch networks, your system should either automatically pick up the new network’ settings or if your system is in suspension or hibernation you may need to restart your network services (or reboot).

Proxy servers provide an alternate way to connect to the Internet that’s different than your Default Gateway and are usually used to authenticate and authorize the connection so you should probably know if you already have set up special settings for one of your network settings (ie at work).

If you’re using a web proxy at work, find out if it’s configured to use WPAD… That’ a special file that’ automatically downloaded to the web browser to configure the web browser proxy setting automatically. If that’s implemented, then you can move between web proxy and non-web proxy networks without manual re-configuration… Otherwise you may need to manually check and uncheck that box in your web browser settings.