KDE pleasant surprises

For the 11.1 days, my systems were all GNOME, but with 11.2, I went back to KDE and I noticed certain things that were pleasant surprises.

My favorite one: scroll the mouse wheel at the right edge of the screen and it scrolls through the Desktops.

My question is: I just happened to stumble upon that one by accident. can someone send me a link to the documentation / FAQS on the KDE version/build that is in 11.2 describing these neat features? The “Introduction to KDE” that’s on the desktop is not exactly filled with details.

The changelogs at KDE - Be free do. And there’s loads of nice movies of KDE4 desktop possibilities.

Try this one: create a new link to a folder in the desktop’s Folder View. Move your mouse pointer over it and be surprised

I actually have a problem with this. No matter on what place on the desktop I use the scroll wheel on the desktop, the cube starts to rotate (switching desktops). Can this be disabled somewhere as I frequently use the scroll wheel without wanting to change desktop…

I just went into the system-settings to check it out. If there was an off switch for it it should have been in the desktop cube controls but although there are some settings there, this was not one of them.

I like it. However it took me a while to realize this was the cause of my scrolling going crazy every so often! I’ll try to stay away from the edge, but I think it’s a little buggy as often I’m scrolling and the firefox (iceweasel on debian’s kde4) page starts scrolling up and down whether I was near the edge of the screen of not. Switching to another side of the cube and back fixes it and my scrollwheel returns to normal. Heh, the scrolling takes off even if I left click the mouse on the scrollbar when this is happening. Buggy!

So, love the effect, wish it wasn’t buggy.