KDE Plasma volume control applet stopped working after wake up from sleep

I can no longer control volume via keyboard buttons in Plasma after my PC wakes up from sleep. When I press volume up or down the plasmoid appears on the screen however I can only change the volume within one step: between 50 and 60. I cannot go above 60 or below 50. Manually changing volume for the specific output device via volume icon in system tray works.

Rebooting fixes this problem. I am on Tumbleweed and I noticed this over the last couple of days, must be one of the recent updates. Has anyone had the same issue?

Not logout/login?

Logout/login fixes it too. I’ve done several attempts ofsleep wake and this bug is reliably reproduced. Never had it before for several months of using Tumbleweed with Plasma.

I had a similar problem for a month, the volume up/down button of my headphone were not showing the volume UI but it was changing the volume anyway.

But in my case the problem was here all the time sleep or not and at some point after a system update it was fixed, I can only supposed it was related to nvidia drivers or X11.

If that can help there was a open bug report for it here 471337 – No OnScreen Display for Brightness or Volume - keys do change volume/brightness though

in my case I cannot change the volume as well.

Mee too.
Another symptom is too many (i.e. tens) identical controls in the volume applet.

systemctl --user restart pipewire
systemctl --user restart pipewire-pulse

fixes it for me.


This got solved by the update to the latest snapshot with kernel 6.9.11 (might not necessarily be related to the kernel itself).

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