KDE Plasma 6 is out

KDE Plasma 6 is out, but the real question is, when will Tumbleweed push it out?


When it is ready to push…

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And according to past releases… is that on release day or days following it?

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It’s a big release with a transition to QT 6 etc, so I’m guessing it could take some extra time. Also curious about the progress!


When it’s ready. Period. It’s a massive update, and has to get through openQA and the approval process.


Just my opinion (maybe a question) …
What’s the eagerness?

Great functionality as it stands now :+1:

There are some new features that people are wanting, and some have chosen Tumbleweed because they’re hoping for quick access to them.


From a technical stand point :

  • The switch from qt5 to qt6 is basically replacing your entire 5 year old car electronics with stuff that is available now
  • Way better Wayland support … the wind shields of your car are now more clean

From a endpoint user stand point :

  • An insane amount of updates to KDE applications that you use ever day. The KDE news page links a lot of those, but there are way more under the hood. And they never got backported to KDE 5.

From a Linux enjoyer :

  • New toys

I would really wish for at least some sort of non “soon tm” "when ready tm"timeline from suse here tho.


I’m solidly in the KDE camp but even with plasma 5… well, it’s KDE. I have a few niggling issues even today in current DE. I’m pretty excited to play with the HDR stuff but hopefully tumbleweed holds it back long enough that I’m not spending a couple days troubleshooting various things.

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tumbleweed holds it back long enough that I’m not spending a couple days troubleshooting various things.

You will be fine.

Zypper is on of the best package managers in the entire linux space to figure and call out inconsistencies. You always have the option to back in time if you use btrfs. Which suse uses by default.

And every package out there has to go through Factory with its own automated tests before it lands on your system.

KDE Plasma 6 is out

Surely there’s a tracker for it somewhere? At least something on the OBS?

Its a german distro, so no.

You have to find hints in the cryptic mail boards they still use and even in Factory itself … unless someone sends out the unholy link to it … no you wont see it.

Follow openQA? https://openqa.opensuse.org/
Check factory Requests? https://build.opensuse.org/project/requests/openSUSE:Factory

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@malcolmlewis I dont quite understand where in openQA i should be looking, could you help me?:rofl:


@40476 click on the BuildYYYYMMDD link and you can search for Plasma, it’s still version 5, but you see what is passing and failing and of course if it’s close to being published…

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@malcolmlewis, I have no idea what either of those URIs provide which relates to my query. I don’t see anything about Plasma whatsoever, much less Plasma 6.

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@rokejulianlockhart if you keep an eye on snapshot builds, you will see plasma6 in the results, so you will know it’s close, or just look at Build Service Factory Incoming requests…

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Seems Plasma desktop 6 is available in the Frameworks repo there… ?


For the AMD GPU users, you may be interested in this comment from today…

When I had a RX550 in this system (GNOME DE) had the same issue… no fix, switched to nvidia…

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:raised_hands: This sounds reassuring. I much prefer if things are not rushed.

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