KDE Online Accounts fails with input/output error...

I was trying out KDE Online Accounts last night. Got it to work on my Ubuntu 20.04 systems, but not on Opensuse Tumbleweed. When trying to connect to my Google Drive account in Dolphin (with the terminal pane open) I noticed that I kept getting this:

cd /run/user/1000/kio-fuse-IAcZGu/remote/gdrive-network 
bash: cd: /run/user/1000/kio-fuse-IAcZGu/remote/gdrive-network: Input/output error 

Comparing it to Ubuntu isn’t meant to dis Opensuse. I was only trying to find out if it was Plasma or distro specific. In this case the hiccup appears to be distro specific. Has anyone gotten Online Accounts to work in Opensuse? Is there a repository with updated dependencies or package versions I need to try? Thanks.


There’s this fairly recent Reddit thread – <https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/f0aeh5/online_accounts_in_kde/&gt;.

[CreateAccount job] Never set an empty name when creating an account

At least when creating a google account, signon-ui isn’t able to extract
the username from the login page anymore since a couple of months (and
newer versions ported to QtWebEngine don’t even extract it at all
anymore because it was considered to be too fragile, which apparently
proved to be true…).

This looks kind of broken, and actually made kio-gdrive useless as that
doesn’t even list accounts with an empty name.

To fix it, set the name to some arbitrary string in the case that
info.userName() is empty.
FIXED-IN: 19.12.3

Thanks for the lead. I tried the fix offered at Bug Report 414219, but didn’t help. Mine seems to be a new bug (or I haven’t found the correct search term). I’ve filed a bug report with Opensuse and KDE Bug Reports https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=440830.

Wasn’t sure I had to do it in both places, but I did.

Since Online Accounts is working on both my Ubuntu 20.04 machines, this probably has something to do with the latest KCM Module. But I’m speculating.

but where can I see this version of what?
click on system settings>help>about KDE gives no version
click on system settings>help>accounts>about KDE gives no version
click on system settings>help>accounts>about system settings gives Version 5.18.5, enough far from 19.12.3
click on system settings>help>accounts>about accounts gives Version 1.0, enough far from 19.12.3
where should I see to have the version??

Please note that, “19.12” is the KDE Release Schedule number – it’s unrelated to the versions of the KDE applications and libraries … <https://community.kde.org/Schedules&gt;.

  • The KDE Bug Report is related to the openSUSE “kaccounts-integration” package – currently at version 20.04.2 …
  • They’re talking about the kcmshell5 module “kcm_kaccounts” …

To see the major KDE Plasma version in use, open the “kinfocenter” – Plasma, Frameworks and Qt versions in use.

hm, so the 19.12 has been already released becouse the last seems to be release service 20.12 ?

and does this version works?

…I have “kaccounts-providers - KDE Accounts Providers” I cannot find “kcm-accounts” on yast, have I to install it?

ok manythanks, kinfocenter is very good

Yes, that version works.
The kcmshell5 module “kcm_kaccounts” is supplied by the package “kaccounts-integration” –

 > rpm --query --whatprovides /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/kcms/kcm_kaccounts.so
 > rpm --query --whatrequires kaccounts-integration
 > rpm --query --whatrecommends kaccounts-integration
 > rpm --query --whatsuggests kaccounts-integration
no package suggests kaccounts-integration