KDE Online Account Management

Hello I have installed openSUSE Leap and in the desktop configuration there is a menue which says online accounts. There you can add Google, Owncloud, … accounts.

But when I press the + for adding an account nothing happens?
Is it a bug?


I cant even add an account. It is a useful feature to add those accounts there?

Thank you very much.

It looks as if you have to install some parts of telepathy (not sure which) before it will work. Those don’t appear to be included in a standard install of plasma 5.

Thanks for your reply. I installed some things from telepathy and now some messenger show up but not owncloud which I wanted to use.

By the way I also can use Telegram Messenger here but when I hit the button I get the message

 This IM Account cannot be created - a Telepathy Connection Manager named 'morse' is missing or it cannot handle protocol 'telegram'. Please try installing morse with your package manager.

But I found no package names “morse”?


Hi! I’m facing the exact same issue then hihu, installed telepathy-accounts-signon package but it changes nothing.

Any idea ?

Interesting, which one please ?

btw I’m using Opensuse Leap 42.1 and KDE Plasma 4.14.10


That can’t be correct. Leap comes with Plasma5

I see the same issue with Tumbleweed latest as well.
I enabled the accounts-daemon and then installed kaccounts-providers after that I see Google on pressing + but nothing more happens, even after clicking on Google nothing happens.

Same issue here
I can see Google but nothing happens

Install ktp-accounts-kcm and it should work.
Or, even better, install the “KDE Telepathy” pattern if you want to use KTelepathy.

And uninstall libproxy1-config-kde4 if it is installed, as that will crash the Google plugin.