KDE network manager asks repeatedly for password

Hi everyone,
Just installed successfully 15.2 with the KDE plasma desktop and everything went smoothly as always, except for the WiFi network manager - as often.
It won’t connect to the network. Firstly it asks for the root password, then asks repeatedly “For accessing the wireless network you need to provide a password below”.
I’m pretty sure that the password is correct because I copied/pasted it with success in another OS.
I disabled the KDE wallet and selected the options

  • “All users may connect to this network”
  • "Store password for all users (not encrypted’

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Did you actually configure a password?

You can check. Look in “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections” (from a root command line).

There should be a file there for your WiFi configuration (readable only by root).

Looking on my laptop, I see a section “[wifi-security]”, and in that section there is a line
that begins “psk=” and contains the network password.

Don’t edit that file, unless you know what you are doing. If there is a problem, use the connection editor from the tray WiFi applet to fix it.

If that file already has the correct key, then you have some other problem that is interfering with connecting and NetworkManager cannot tell whether it is a key problem so keeps prompting. If your WiFi network is setup to use MAC filtering, try turning that off.

Well there were two files with similar names in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/
I deleted them both and created a new connection - this time successfully

I’m glad that you got it working.

No, I just tried and it didn’t work. The command failing is: update -alternatives --config sh (no alternatives found).
After rebooting, I have the same problems on start-up with symbolic links.