KDE - kuserfeedback, no longer available in Tumbleweed settings.

Operating System: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20210221
KDE Plasma Version: 5.21.0


Just wondering if kuserfeedback has been removed or is it now just baked in,
thus taking away the choice to opt out?

The reason I ask is that there is nothing in the Tumbleweed release notes to say
it has been removed, and the kuserfeedback project itself is till active?

Meanwhile in the KDE forum, some are saying that despite it not showing in
ksys does not necessarily mean it is not running.

Any suggestions as to how I can find out if it is still in KDE, not withstanding the fact that
there is so much info available, that when reviewed, reveals just how many files kuserfeedback uses.

Some users even suggested that it cant be removed without it
affecting KDE?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I believe the data collected by KUserFeedback for Dolphin and Plasmashell changed in Plasma 5.21, that’s why the openSUSE Maintainers are currently investigating whether the new feedback mechanisms comply with openSUSE’s security standards.
For the time being, User Feedback has been completely disabled for the affected apps, this can be seen in the plasma5-workspace.spec file:
You can see that the line

BuildRequires:  cmake(KUserFeedback)

is commented out, this means that the Plasma Workspace is built without KUserfeedback at the moment and will not send any data. The same applies to dolphin.
Kate is still built with KUserfeedback support, but it will only send data if you specifically tell it to do so.

I hope this information was useful, if you have any further questions feel free to reply.

Has this been remediated yet? I see kuserfeedback via zypper search, but the KCM is absent.