KDE Dictionary Plasmoid Quit Defining Words

My dictionary plasmoid quit defining words, and I think it was after I upgraded to openSUSE 12.3. I had to install qstardict a few days ago, and I also have the updated KDE apps repo for the latest rekonq. Another person did not have the same problem in #suse on irc.freenode.net. They had openSUSE 12.2 and the kr410 repo. I will just use a dictionary website if there is no fix. Thanks

The thread had two solutions. Did you try them out

Sorry, I meant qstardict-kde and qstardict. Anyhow, I found KRunner’s dictionary, and it works; so I will use that instead. Thanks

i found that Artha is good dictionary and thesaurus

No thanks, the difference is that another application is something that I have to open, and it becomes a little obtrusive, e.g., having to keep it out of the way in another activity. A plasmoid or runner is always available with a quick shortcut, yet it’s always hidden or barely noticeable.

Once open,it sits in tray and can be summoned by ctrl+alt+w

That’s nice how it works offline. The dictionary plasmoid/runner requires the Internet, and I couldn’t get an answer as to where it gets its definitions.

yes it works offline . It uses a back end called “wordnet” and has a basic and an advanced mode for those who need “more”.
You can “select” words and press ctrl+alt+w to summon meaning,antonyms,synonyms,derivatives,etc.


I applied these fixes to my qstardict problem and it fixed the problem! My system is no longer looking for the qstardict engine! Great! But now the dictionary plasma applet does not work at all! It has stopped defining words! Any fixes for this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Same problem to me. Any solution to the issue that dictionary stopped defining words?!
Thanx a lot


No fix as yet! :cry: