KDE Device Notifier haywire

Running Opensuse 12.3, with KDE 4.10.1(from the upstream repository).

The device notifier opens up at regular intervals every other minute like clockwork, even when there is no new devices.
I have 3 USB drives connected, all mounted under /var/run/media/username/. At least one of the drives are active and it seems it is this drive that are expanded within the device notifier when it opens up.

It is a bit annoying that the device notifier acts like a new drive has been detected and opens up and no new deivce.

I have tried closing the application which uses the drives. Deleted the symlinks from the drives. None of it worked. Then I closed all open applications. Still no effect.

Edit: By the time I was finished writing this I had tried one last thing. A plasmoid on my desktop show all my harddrives and its available free space. When I closed that one, the device notifier went silent. No more popups every other minute.

So it seems the free space plasmoid is causing hawock with the device notifier. Looks like a bug, but to which one.

I would probably take this to the kde Mailing List

It looks as if for some reason (initiated by that plasmoid) the device is disconnected and then automaticaly connected again. You could look with dmesg if that is what the system sees happening. Importnat when you want to discuss this on the KDE mailing list or the KDE forums.