KDE Coloir Management

I profile my monitors for photo work. Generally this has allowed gwenview to show shots correctly. Also tends to make everything else I come across use it as well. The editors I use are all colour managed.

I’ve been having a bit of a problem. Initially I couldn’t get kde to accept the profiles via one version of kde colour management from a yast search. When DisplayCAL loaded the profiles it timed out. I installed oreanos (may have the spelling incorrect) as that used to work perfectly. No joy but DisplayCAL didn’t time out on it.

I then used the web software search and installed from the wolfie repo. All profiles are being installed now but there is still a problem. Profiling the monitor takes around 45min and I expect to have several runs to obtain the best one. I am using an updated version now but the colour management is still using the older one and wont allow me to set it to the new one - the apply button is greyed out. I had this problem in the previous arrangements that didn’t actually colour manage kde. What ever I did it just stuck with the old one.

Net result. Currently if I view an image in Geequi and compare it with one in Gwenview they differ. If I view them in the editors I use they all look the same. Conclusion - Gwenview probably still not using the profile, Geequi very probably using the old one and only the editors are using the correct one.

Another lesser problem as well. I’ve generally installed them system wide. If I do that from DisplayCAL I get a PAM authentication error. It will only install to user. The person who maintains DisplayCAL tells me that this is down to colour management needing to be user based. Personally I feel that along with screen dpi it should be monitor based. Calibration does need doing periodically as displays age so if there does happen to be more than one user it just complicates updates. I thought about using DisplayCAL as root to see if that changed things but feel that shouldn’t be needed and may well install to root ~.


May, possibly, be a versions issue:

A newer version of the DisplayCAL package is available from the “Multimedia colour management” repository: <http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/multimedia:/color_management/> – choose the Leap 42.2 sub-directory.
Newer versions of “Argyll CMS” and “Oyranos” are also available there.

Leap 42.3 has the same versions in the “Multimedia colour management” repositories – therefore no sense in upgrading just to work around this issue.

Those aspects are working correctly and are the latest versions. They are installing the profiles correctly the problem is getting the kde related colour management to use the one I have selected. Oryanos from my attempts at using it have had no effect on kde at all. Wolfie seems to have created a fix which is using profiles but it doesn’t allow me to select a new one. It’s stuck with the one that was there when it was installed.

The jury is out on if Gwenview can use a profile. When I can use the KDE colour management to change to my latest profile I should be able to tell if it’s using it.

The GIMP, Rawtherapee, Fotoxx are all using the latest profile I have installed.

This is what KDE5 should use


and that seems to be where the problem is.

Actually Oyranos had the same problem but the profiles were not being used anyway. It wouldn’t retain profile changes and just stuck with the earlier one.

I had tried to install kolormanager from the repo you linked to but had a package failed integrity checks message. I just tried again hence this post edit.


In another thread, “colord” and “colord-kde” have popped up – will investigate some time soon.

I tried via YAST first. It installed kolor-manager, no joy. The wolfie repo from the software search page has updated that to kolor-manager5 along with an oyranus update and bits of kde - mostly framework from what I saw. Apart from not being able to set a new profile it does appear to work but it’s hard to be sure as various things that can be used to view images may choose to use the one that is installed as editors usually do.

There does seem to have been some machinations on 5’s colour management. That’s why I tried YAST first. Kolor-… does seem to be the correct one but might be an update down to Oyranus people to keep that active.

I think I noticed some image profiles. Not sure why these have been added as images should have that in them. If not they are sRGB. A lot of effort has gone in that area to get images to show correctly on the web.

:’(I have another “problem” to seek an answer to now. Maybe that one is simpler.


Strange Kolor-Management (V5) is now showing the latest monitor profile as active. I assume this is down to a reboot and logging in again - hence the greyed out apply button.

:’(Now the tricky bit. Any colour management software I have knows about it but are all applications using it.


Not good. On Gwenview and Geeqei there is a noticeable drop in saturation. Might be a slight increase in brightness - hard to be sure.

Looking at the facilities in Kolor-Manager and Oyranus I am wondering if they are working as they should. It’s standard practice now to use any profile embedded into the image if there is one. If not sRGB is assumed. Applications such as the Rawtherapee use their own version of sRGB. An image may have an Adobe RGB profile embedded or even ProPhoto. Colour managements job is to mathematically translate so that they will all look as they should on a display.

I don’t seem to see any method of setting the display rendering intent. Not a major problem maybe but the profile does offer several of them.

I have found an image viewer that works - Risteretto. Intended for Xfce so the problems i am having do have a good aspect. It’s neat. I can even pick the photo background colour via an eye dropper. It might not show images that have say an aRGB profile embedded correctly but it’s clearly using the correct monitor profile.