KDE Cashew loses Configure Plasma and Zoom Out


I’m trying out KDE4’s activities, but one of the problems I keep having is the Plasma Toolboxes’ (cashew) menu loses “Configure Plasma” and “Zoom Out”.

How do I get to “Configure Plasma” (i.e., Use a different activity on each desktop) when they are no longer on the Plasma Toolbox?

How do Activities and Virtual Desktops work together? Do you use one or the other? Or, can each Virtual Desktop have multiple Activities?
I’m having difficulties trying this because KDE4 seems to lose the “Configure Plasma” option :frowning:

Reference: KDE Plasma

OpenSUSE 11.2
Kdebase4 4.3.1-5.6.3

Thank you.

Wooo, a lot of questions…and it’s all so new to me too.

A lot of the plasma settings are now done through Systemsettings. Look around in Desktop and Appearance. That’s for the first 2.

Before going to question number 3, I suggest you remove the plasma* files from ~/.kde4/share/config, as well as switching to KDE4 4.4 first. Activities work much better in 4.4
In Systemsettings - Desktop - Virtual desktops, there’s a checkbox for separate activities for each desktop. Activating it will clean all virtual desktops. Now you can set the activity per desktop.

Some more detailed theme configuration can be found in the Advanced tab of systemsettings.

Make a copy of your ~/.kde4 before you start !!!

Thank you. Very helpful. I sort of got that feeling :\ While trying these new features, sometimes I felt like Waldo - Where in the world is my Desktop :slight_smile:

This link was helpful:How do you use activities

I have a couple more questions (and the answer might just be goto Kde4 4.4).

  1. On “Zoom Out” is there any way to automatically format the activities (i.e., grid)?

I know you can drag each activity, but is there a 1-button organize? I added a whole bunch and then deleted some, and it was pretty messy. I wanted all the remaining activities formated in a nice grid again.

  1. Is there a way to clone an activity to another, or create a template to use?

I want each template to start with a certain background.

  1. Is there a way to tab through the Desktop Activities?

I have the Activity plamoid on one of the Desktop Activities, but not on the other. On those others, I have to click “Zoom Out” in the Plasma Toolbox and select the the Desktop Activity.

  1. “checkbox for separate activities for each desktop. Activating it will clean all virtual desktops”

This was my next question. When I clicked the “Different activity for each desktop” all the desktops went blank (i.e., widgets gone), including my main desktop that I spent some time configuring. It would be nice, when enabling that option, if the user was asked if they wanted to preserve their current desktop :wink:

  1. Speaking of KDE4 4.4, I recently installed OpenSUSE 11.2, which installed KDE 4.3. Which repository is 4.4 in? I might try it on a virtual machine :slight_smile: I’m trying to keep the machine’s primary host stable.

This is all good info.

Thank you.

I found some helpful hints on activities in KDE’s Tutorials & Tips Forum, like: Easy activity switching