KDE Background on 2nd monitor disappering with panels

Hi All,

openSUSE Tumbleweed; 20210830
KDE Plasma Version; 5.22.4
KDE Frameworks Version; 5.85.0
Kernel version; 5.13.13-1
Graphics Platform; X11

Processor: i5 10600k
Memory: 15.4 GiB RAM
Graphics: GTX 1080

I’m currently having problems with KDE Plasma not loading the panels or desktop background on my second monitor. I never have the issue on my primary monitor and that always loads fine.
I currently fix this by logging out and then signing back in.
When moving windows onto the 2nd monitor… they work without issue.

Apologies if this has been raised before but I’ve tried to google a solution but I can never find a definitive answer… Hopefully you guys can help :slight_smile:

Thank you.

*2nd Screen not working *After logging out and back in

TW20210831 just showed up with an update to wallpaper-branding-openSUSE. Does it still happen? Using Intel graphics I can’t reproduce. Correct wallpaper shows up on all 3 displays. I have my only panel on my primary display.


Thanks for the response. I did some updates yesterday and rebooted but the problem was still occuring but upon logging in today and rebooting to try again… it all seems to be working…

Thanks again.

I’m using a GTX 1650 Super on an up to date TW with the nvidia proprietary driver. I have two monitors, one connected by DisplayPort and the another by DVI.

I’m not seeing any similar issues. I setup my multi-monitor config using Nvidia’s settings tool.

I did have to disable KScreen 2 because DisplayPort plug-and-play was messing with my carefully placed windows. In case it helps, I’ve previously described my setup in an old post (including my KScreen 2 experiences).

Could it perhaps be a cable issue?