KDE applications

I chose KDE as desktop environment during install of 42.3 and it carried over to the 15.0 upgrade.
I prefer kDE, but there are a lot of the ‘K’ apps I don’t want(kmail, knots, kruler, etc).
What can I uninstall without compromising KDE?

i look at what is in gnome, and it has a lot I would not use either.

Also, how much of the QT in the applications menu stuff is necessary?

My take is to just leave them since removing some of those integrated apps can cause you problems. Just don’t use them they only take up a little space on the drives. You can also remove them from the menu if you just don’t want to see them.

one of the ideas with kde 5 was the split between the kde frameworks 5 (kf5) libraries the plasma 5 desktop and the kde applications
you can keep the plasma 5 desktop and remove some or all of the kde 5 applications what you can’t do is remove some kf5 libraries which in turn use qt5 libraries
you can use gtk3 (gnome 3) or gtk2 (gnome 2) or what ever framework based application you like under plasma 5
you can try and remove applications you don’t use in yast as yast does a good job of dependency handling I also don’t use kmail or the rest of kdepim and have removed them without an issue
about your last question

Also, how much of the QT in the applications menu stuff is necessary?

I don’t quite understand what you’re asking do you mean the Qt development apps that get installed under development?
you should be able to remove them I’m not sure what installs them maybe a development pattern
remember is to uncheck install recommended software in yast or some of those packages might get reinstalled

I don’t use many of those applications, either. But I just leave them there and don’t use them.

OK, thanks. Looks like it is best to leave them alone, and remove them from the menu. I don’t want to do anything that has a chance of screwing things up.

well yes and no
the kde desktop ie plasma 5 does not depend on the kde applications you can remove all of them if you want to but there would be little storage space gain as they’re dynamically linked and quite small and the kde applications integrate better with the kde desktop (plasma 5) then gtk applications ie Okular integrates better then evince, ark even includes a service menu unlike File Roller (most Gnome applications had their names changed I just don’t know their new names)
so there’s really no need to remove them