KDE applications on gnome

I have a problem to run “Qalculate” on Gnome Leap51.1.
It does not even come up on my application list.However, info shows it is installed and up to date.
once back to KDE, it works fine with no issue!
I have the same problem with KDEconnect.

Looking at the Qalculate package, it’s the CLI command “qalc” – run it in a terminal window – help is available by means of “qalc -h” or “qalc --help” and the documentation in ‘/usr/share/doc/packages/qalculate/’. There’s also HTML library documentation located in ‘/usr/share/doc/libqalculate/reference/html/’.

The “kdeconnect-kde” package needs KF5 and Qt5 libraries – they should have been installed when the “kdeconnect-kde” package was installed – forcibly re-install the “kdeconnect-kde” package to ensure that all the dependencies that the package requires have been satisfied. Apart from that, it should simply execute when called from a GNOME user session.

  • In the same way that GTK applications such as LibreOffice and Firefox run from a KDE Plasma user session – provided that, the package dependencies which require GTK libraries have been resolved …

there is a GTK based GUI called “qalculate-gtk”


but you have to build it
the gui is here

Thank you very much. You are right, I can build it.
However, my question still is why this app works fine on fodora for example and not on any suse (SLE, Leap15.1, Tumbleweed).
Is problem related to packaging ? may I raise a bug to fix it? should anyone try to build the package itself (OBS)? I have the sane issue on KDEconnect as well.

Before rebuilding,
If you had tried to launch from a console, you would have likely seen the missing components which would have suggested a packaging error.
I don’t know that there is an easy way to identify what was missing unless you undid what you did for a successful result (or built a new system).

In any case,
The “Q” that prefaced the app name should have been a strong clue that you needed Qt libraries… and there would have been a number of ways to install those even if not installed automatically… You could have looked for the Qt base patterns in YaST or zypper or used Search or as described if you had installed another app that properly installed those requirements.


If that’s the case, then Fedora has some code installed which isn’t present on openSUSE or SLE systems.
You’ll need to check for package differences …

You could also try contacting the openSUSE folks who are looking after this application – information is available by inspecting the change history of the packages and, from the openSUSE “Software” pages for the application: <https://software.opensuse.org/package/qalculate&gt; – click “Show qalculate for other distributions” – click “official release”: <Welcome - openSUSE Build Service; «Tumbleweed:» <Welcome - openSUSE Build Service.