KDE Application Shortcut

I want to make an application shortcut. In windows I would right-click an application click on “create a shortcut” and cut paste it wherever I want. I tried googling it but the info was out of date or incomplete. I read to right click the K button and then I clicked edit applications but I couldn’t figure out how to make an actual shortcut. Ultimately I want it in my desktop folder. The application I’m trying to link is a windows program in my .wine directory.

Are you sure there isn’t a wine section in the menu?
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In which case. Unlock widgets, go to the application and right click > add to Desktop

Yes there is a wine section in my menu. I want a shortcut; a file that I can put anywhere that links to a specific application. I want this shortcut in my desktop folder. But more importantly I want to know how to do this. So in the future I can make shortcuts.

I know what you want
But as I said in my previous post: Unlock the widgets, click on the menu > go to the wine section > (is the application you want in the menu?) then right click > add to desktop

If the application is not in the menu, then we have another problem

Sorry, I somehow read your post without reading the last couple words. Yes, its all there but when I right click I just get “add to favorites”

Sorry I’m mentally deficient, I didn’t unlock the widgets. It worked, Thank You.

No, actually it didn’t. So the program that is in wine, that I made the shortcut for, is a launcher. So when it opens you have to click on the game you want to play. Problem, it doesn’t work. In order to get my game going I have to navigate to the game file in my browser, there isn’t an entry in the wine menu (because of the way the game is set up) so I need to be able to set up a shortcut to this without using the menu.

Go back to the desktop
Right click it and select unlock widgets
Now go back to the menu and follow my directions

When you are done go back and lock the widgets

So yeah, tried that (see last two posts) thanks though. Can’t believe I screwed up twice already. Thanks for helping me.

Sorry, but I’m struggling a little to comprehend this.
So, the launcher you created isn’t actually for the game?

You could edit the shortcut you made to point to the file you are navigating to in dolphin…

Really really sorry for being such a pain in the neck. I got it to work. I got wine to open the file by default (which you helped me with in the other thread) then navigated to the file in dolphin and dragged and dropped the file on my desktop are which created a widget. Not exactly what I wanted but close enough. Thank you for all the help and most of all for the patience. I’m not normally this bad at following directions, thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:

No problem. I aim to please.