KDE activity behaviour with firefox

on my suse 12.1 and kde 4.7.2, I would like to start to use activities:-)))
I expect that if I open an application in an activity and the same application in enother wheen I quit that application in the first activity the application in the second activity isn’t affected, is this the philosphy of actvities?
so, if:
Activity 1: open konsole
Activity 2: open konsole
Activity 1: quit konsole
Activity 2: konsole is open
Activity 1 open firefox
Activity 2 open firefox
Activity 2 quit firefox
Activity 1 firefox is quitted

is this normal??
emailing with friends with other distros (but with other version of kde) the behaviour is different, firefox is as konsole
is a suse specific “feature”??


Yes, that’s probably normal (for firefox).

That sort of behavior is built into firefox.

Start a second firefox. The new process checks your profile, and finds a lock file indicating that it is already running in another process. It notifies that other process, then closes. The original firefox process opens a new window. So the firefox that you have running in your new activity is the same firefox as before, with just an additional window. When you close firefox from any window, it closes all windows.

I mostly use tabs rather than windows. But I think you can close just a window. And that should leave the other window there for the original firefox.

I’m not sure about your friends with other distros. My guess is that they are “closing firefox” in a manner that only closes the window and not the whole application.