KDE 5.90 - Where are stored user avatars icons

On 15.3, I use icons files for users in /usr/share/user-manager/avatars/my_avatars
It seems that the folder /usr/share/user-manager/avatars does not exists any more.
Where are stored user avatars ?

Any help is welcome.

It also depends on your login-manger. If you are using sddm it is stored under /usr/share/sddm/faces
Also under /usr/share/icons/breeze/status/symbolic/avatar-default-symbolic.svg (path depends on your used icon theme).
You can also search on your machine for faces or avatar…

Googling throws many results…

OK. I rewrite my question.

ON leap 15.3 with kde 5.76 there is a folder


where I add my own folder named ‘my_avatars’

Where is gone these folders on leap 15.4 with kde 5.90

I would like to add my own avatars on some equivalent folders.

I don’t think you looked very far :wink:

KDE now uses “/usr/share/plasma/avatars/” for it’s new avatars.

(Old deprecated KDE avatars are available at: https://invent.kde.org/plasma/kde-vdg-extras/-/tree/master/deprecated/user-manager/avatars )

If I had found the answer I would not have asked the question

Can you tell me where you found this information.

Not where, but how…

From (KDE) "System Settings -> Users - (Change Avatar) it can be seen that several of the offered avatars still feature “konqi”


It is very probably that the avatars are below /usr

Let’s try and find konqi

paul@HP255G7:~> sudo find /usr -name "*konqi*.*"

No luck, let’s try a capitalised Konqi

paul@HP255G7:~> sudo find /usr -name "*Konqi*.*"
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Boss Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Teacher Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Artist Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Bug Catcher Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Scientist Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Musician Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Hacker Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Mechanic Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Bookworm Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Journalist Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Office Worker Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Messenger Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Virtual Reality Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/PC Builder Konqi.png
/usr/share/plasma/avatars/Card Shark Konqi.png

and there they are: all below “/usr/share/plasma/avatars/”

There are probably other ways of finding them… Google perhaps…

Thank you very much

Happy new year