KDE 4 dialog in OpenOffice 3

Does anyone know how to setup OpenOffice 3 so that I can use the KDE 4 print dialog? I’d prefer to use that one since it offers multi-page layouts as well as other features.

Under KDE 3, I used to be able to use the ./spadmin tool from the OpenOffice/program directory, set up a new print using the PDF converter, and redirect the output to ‘/opt/kde3/bin/kprinter’, which did the trick. I can’t find the corresponding application under KDE 4, though.

My version certainly appears to use the KDE4 dialogue - however this is not complete. I have reinstalled KPDF for those situations when Okular does not have all the features.

So, even if you install the version with KDE4 dialogues, you may still lack some of the KDE3 features. You may find that, for the more complex options, exporting to PDF and using KPDF may be easier.

hm, i wonder how you managed to get the kde4 dialog … ?

i suppose one option for me would be to send the output directly to okular. does anyone know what the command line in .spadmin would be for that? (just putting /usr/bin/okular there opens the program, but not the file to be printed).

I have openoffice-org-kde4 installed from the repositories.