kde 4.7.4, wrong folder view icon at start, ok when hoover over

On my dell latitude E6510 with i7, 4GB of ram, nvidia board NVS 3100M, nvidia drivers 290.10, suse 12.1(tumbleweed), kde 4.7.4 release 11:
At start desktop appear and folder view is shown, but in the folder view some icons are wrong (screenshot)
but if I hoover the cursor over that icon they change right and remain right(screenshot)
note the “dati” and “maglietta samu” icons in the top left of the screen.
have you a similar problem?? is possible to solve??
ciao and merry christmas:-))

AFAIK each icon can have many “versions”, like pressed/not-pressed, different sizes, etc. Sometimes I’ve seen differences in the “same” icon when there is no specific icon for a specific state. You can check this out by trying different iconsets, like oxygen IINM. If the problem go away then it’s probably the iconset you were using that is lacking.

Or it might be something completely different, of course.