Kde 4.5.1 and VDPAU

Hello all

i run kde 4.5.1 in xserver 1.9.0 with Nvidia 256.35 driver

installed ** libvdpau** from repositories

Now the hole desktop feeling is more snappier more alive then before
The desktop effects are promt no delays


Even better now

oh im running 11.3

now installed “vdpau-video-nvidia” from videolan repositorie as wel
and vlc-beta

Now i can play dvd in HD on my flatscreen in hd 1080

Better it cant be

Have fun all

After installing libvdpau
when you instal the nvidia driver 256.35 or 260.19.04 they will incorporate the libvdpau
this was in the mvdia.install.log in var/log

Validating previous installation:
-> The previously installed symlink ‘/usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_trace.so.1’ has
target ‘libvdpau_trace.so.1.0.0’, but it was installed with target
‘libvdpau_trace.so.256.53’. /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_trace.so.1 will not
be uninstalled.
-> done

.So conclusion is that vdpau is out the nvidia driver and it is up to you to use it as stated above

after installing nvidia driver 260.19.04
i have in usr.lib64/vdpau

link libvdpau_nvidia.so.1
link libvdpau_trace.so.1

so the xxxx 256.35 libs are deleted

Now we now how the installer from nvidia handles vdpau
So a update of libvdpau is reinstalling nvidia driver 'the hard way" i think.