KDE 4.3

So I upgraded to 4.3 and it looks magnificent except for one thing, the Application Launcher…if I wanted a windows styled “start” button then I would still be on XP. Is there anyway to change this back to how it looked in 4.1?

Add widgets, there are 2 types of launcher, you want the traditional one

Yay it worked again, any recommendations for a decent icon set?

I just use OXygen. Not very adventurous - If you have the community kde4, there are some decorations in there
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop

Cheers I will check them out.

I use Oxygen too. Take a look at kde-look.org

Please also pay some attention to the Aurorae Window decorator. Completely themeable, directly from the internet.

To remove openSUSE branding (like the lizzard on the launcher button) replace packages with ‘branding-openSUSE’ by ‘branding upstream’(would bring the K back on the button)

Thanks but I quite like the lizard launcher button :slight_smile: