KDE 4.2.x and Crystal Project

Hello I am trying to switch out the default oxygen icon theme that comes with kde with the this one Crystal Project KDE-Look.org

My question is this, now after installing the crystal icon set, I have a mix of crystal and oxygen icons on my system. For instance when I create a new folder I get the deafault oxygen folder icon. How do I make the icon changes system wide? KDE’s system settings/appearance/icons does not seem to do this properly.

Thanks for any and all help.

If the new icon theme doesn’t provide alternative icons for some actions, the system will use the icons from your last icon theme (in this case from the oxygen icon theme).

using kde 4.2 with crystal-project icon theme.

i am having the exact same problem as you are. I am wondering if you finally found a solution to it. Basically i installed and applied crystal-project icons. It changes all the icons except the Folder Icon, that remains as the Oxygen (default set) icon.

Folder icon is surely available, its not like its not available in crystal-project set of icons. But it does not apply.

Any clues as to why Dolphin won’t change the folder icon. Now i did try it with gnome-* related icon themes, and it actually does change the folder icons from default oxygen folder icon.