KDE 4.2 - KMail Info Box


is there a way to disable these infoboxes showing up when my mouse hovers over a mailbox?


If there is no way to disable this (in my point of view useless) popup, then there should be a way to disable it.


Yes, there is.

Right click on the header for the folder (e.g. Favorite Folder, Folder). Be sure you right click on the header, not the actual folder. Then, you will see a pop up menu. The third option is Display Tool Tips. Use this to hide the info boxes. Each Folder group is independent, so you have to do this for each one.

You can also change the icon sizes, add other information columns, and change the sorting options.

To stop the info boxes over the actual emails, you go to Settings, Configure Kontact, Mesage List, then check or uncheck “Display tooltips for messages and group headers”.

Hope this helps!

Here’s also a picture to clarify where to right click to get the menu.


Thank you very much indeed! Would never guessed to right-click there! Thanks again and have a nice weekend.


(For german users, I put a description how to do this here)