KDE 4.2 and Kontact


I’ve been really happy with 4.2 (speaking from an end-user point of
view) over the past couple of days since I installed it. Very easy on
the eyes and mind :slight_smile:

I have just a couple of “issues” that I could not find an answer to

  1. Integration of Kontact (and applications) with Google services like
    Gmail, Calendar and Contacts. Gmail is easy enough through IMAP, but I
    can’t figure out how to set up the calendar to sync bidirectionally like
    Lightning does on Thunderbird (it actually needs another extension in
    addition to Lightning, but does work).

Secondly, anyone found a solution how to synchronize Google Contacts
with the KDE Addressbook? I’d rather not use the GCalDaemon tool, but my
research so far tells me it is the only option. Alas, I was not able to
find any thread newer than mid-2008, and a lot of development must have
happened since then.

  1. Using Aconadi - currently I have not installed the Aconadi packages,
    and was wondering if installing them would make any sense or difference?
    I’d greatly appreciate any insights.

  2. Akregator acts odd upon start. I see the Total feeds column in the
    feed list, and then in the article list everything is rather messy. Feed
    and Author columns are always there, for no obvious reason, and sorting
    is done by Article, rather than by name. I change that every time
    manually, but it is annoying.

Also, does anyone know if/when we could use Google Reader through
Akregator? So far, it seems the ball is with the Google guys, but I
might be wrong on that…

As I said at the beginning, I am not a developer, but a mere end-user
with a lot of enthusiasm!

Thanks for any input! Can’t wait to get back to my KDE!


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