KDE 4.1 *quibble*: Taskbar does not completely cross screen

This is my only quibble with the entire 11.x series; the taskbar in KDE 4.x doesn’t completely cross the screen’s width at resolutions higher than 1280x1024 (let alone my default 1600x1200). Note that this is a quibble; the taskbar remains usable. I simply wish that this quibble were fixable from an aesthetics standpoint.

Works fine on my 1600x1200 display (either using 4.1.2, 4.1.3, or 4.1.81) using either the OSS nv-driver or the driver provided by nvidia. I didn’t do anything in particular to make that happen either. Worked out of the box really.

I second what SauronXXX said. Works for me on my Apple Cinema Display 1680x1050 after a normal install.

Right click the taskbar; panel settings > another temp taskbar will pop up; in between those taskbars are some sliders at the ends; size the taskbar with those; close the temp taskbar; Ta Da.

Already discovered/done, snakedriver. That is precisely why it was in the quibble section (it was fixable, but I would rather not have HAD to).

Also, we have confirmation: the regression in the radeonhd driver (unique to beta 5.2) is fixed in RC1 (11.1). For the first time with this hardware, I’m using no non-GPL drivers (my X1650PRO AGP is using the OSS radeonhd driver, and the X-Fi is using Creative’s GPLv2-licensed driver); I had to swap to the proprietary driver during testing of beta 5.2 because of the regression issue with the radeonhd driver.