Kcron not showing existing crontab entries in Leap 15.4

On my Leap 15.4 KDE system I had set up a cron job some weeks ago with kcron via systemsettings5 and wanted to check the settings but when I went to this again the existing crontab entry is not displayed. The only way to view it is to edit the file manually. I thought kcron was supposed to display existing entries in crontab.

Can anyone confirm this is a bug please?


At least SHOW things. With e.g.

crontab -l

All this talking without any facts makes, at least me, very suspicious.

Well there is nothing to show apart from a kcron screen with nothing displaying and one line in crontab with my entry which is working OK.

I just wanted to know if I am correct and kcron should show pre-existing crontab entries for both personal and system cron?


Well, as you prefer not to show the facts, I can only withdraw from this thread.

I can only add that KDE is run by a user, and that of course it never has anything to do with system things. Thus when it has some interface for cron, it will only work on the crontab of that user and not of other users and of the system. Otherwise it would be a big brake of security.

I’m sorry you feel that way but I did not see any point in showing nothing. I simply asked if it should show existing entries and I understand that it must ask for the password to do anything which requires root access as indeed do some other functions in systemsettings5.

This sounds to me like a bug as the shown purpose of the kcron panel is to display and if required modify cron entries. In my case this is a single user system and so I’d expect it to show any personal crontab entries and ask for root authority to view any system crontab entries.

Neither of these things seem to happen so I will create a bug report.


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