K3B Temp file- Can't delete


I used K3B successfully to copy a DVD. Too get the space I needed, around 3 gigs, I had to change the location of the temp file to my home partition so I would have enough room. I have tried to delete the file as it ate up most of my space, but did not have the rights to do it. I then went into K3B and deleted the project. It no longer shows the file but the file is still using up the space. Any ideas as to what to do. Thanks for the help.


Use sudo to remove

sudo rm /tmp/name_of_file

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Good idea except the file is no longer showing so I have no name for it.

It sounds like there are ways to remove tmp files on boot-up or selecting times to delete these files on SUSE. Not sure how to do it though.


Yes there are ways to do that.

Have a look at


using your favorite text editor as root or use the “/etc/sysconfig-Editor” module in YaST.

I don’t know. If it created automatically then it probably has name with hex number, so you can’t identify it. Next time toggle the Remove image checkbox. :wink: