K3b making coasters

I have been having problems with K3b for some time now.
It began during the last days of OpenSUSE 42.3 and has followed
me into OpenSUSE 15.0. I have checked permissions on cdrdao, cdrecord
and growisofs and they are fine. If I view them in K3b Settings they also show
as fine.

The app appears to be working as normal, however, I always receive an error
at the end of a recording session. ‘Input Output Error This may not be serious.’
Apparently it is because you can visibly see the tracks were written to disk by
looking at the media, yet if you insert the disk, openSUSE does not detect it
and give you options for what to do with the disk.

If you open K3B, you can see that the disk name is visitble in the upper left
portion of the app. If you right click and select Media Info it shows the Capacity
as 4.4GiB and the Used capactiy as 2.0KiB with Empty = no and Sessions = 0.
The Volume ID is as was spec’d during the burn session. Volume size is showing as 880.2MiB

Tracks says 1 (Data)no copy/interrupted0 - 409727 409728 (91:02:03)

Disk is unusable.

Inside the App under Devices it shows as a HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH16NS40, no errors.


Yes, this tends to happen if, the blank CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW has been stored for some years under less than ideal conditions.

I can’t recall if, I’ve ever experienced this with DVD-RAM because, I tend to reformat them to ext2 and write to them via CLI.

How does K3b behave if a fresh, recently purchased from a reliable supplier, blank medium is used?

Can you reformat -RW disks?

Are you certain that, the systemd Journal doesn’t contain any entries pointing to a failing CD/DVD writer device?

These are fresh from the store.

I plugged in a USB DVD drive and it seems to work fine. I wonder if the issue
is because I am writing a DVD in a Blu-Ray combo drive? I have had problems
writing Blu-Ray’s in the past but now that seems to work, the DVD function is
ill tempered. Can’t seem to have it all.


I’ve noticed that, if other “heavy” I/O is occurring concurrently on the system (for example, a rsync backup of large files to a NAS) then, K3b may, possibly, misbehave while writing CD-ROMs – they tend to have higher write speeds …

Another thought is, to check the SATA cables to the internal combo drive.

  • Mainboard BIOS up to date?

Nope, no other I/O. SATA Cables fine, BIOS up to date. LG Blu-Ray drive. Not sure if there is a firmware rev for that.