K3B cuts songs when burning audio CD from MP3

Hey there,

I noticed an annoying phenomenon when trying to burn an audio CD from MP3 files. This is nothing special to openSUSE, I have the same phenomenon in very different distributions. It applies to K3B/KDE Plasma only, doesn’t happen in any other burning tool, nor does it in Windows.

After all the files have been converted and the CD has been burned, when you listen to it, each and every track on the CD lacks the last second of the song. It’s just been cut there. I am sure this is just a matter of configuration, but I did not find anything in the preferences. Anyone else ever noticed this issue? Any hints?

There is a configuration option. Once you’ve added all the songs that you want on the CD, highlight all the songs, right-click on them, left-click on “Properties”, left-click the “Options” tab, and you’ll see “Post-Gap”. There is by default a 2 second gap between songs (or, if you want, a 2 second silence). Left-click on the number 2 and either scroll your mouse wheel until it turns to 0, or just left-click on the downward facing arrow on the right of the numbers. That should get rid of what seems like a cut-off.