k mail broken after latest updates

I do use a stable version of Kde (4.7.2 with the original repos and updates exclusively) but this conservatism did not spare me a new breakage of a running an up to that moment well functioning Kmail.
I admitt the temptation to just say, let us try just another distribution is getting huge. I cannot think that is only KDE’s fault. Not if the things happen after an update like this time and like the msql thing with amarok.
But still the hope is that having reported the bug and maybe with somebody passing by, some answer comes.
What I notice is that there are no bugfixes at all for 12.1, only a few security fixes. The number of bugs for 12.1 stays on an alltime high, very few of the bugreports are answered, where there is written “fix is ready” you find that the fix is apparently not out. Do I see something wrong?
In all cases, when starting kmail or kontact from the terminal, this gives,

kontact(8886)/kdeui (kdelibs): Attempt to use QAction "" with KXMLGUIFactory!  kontact(8886)/kdepimlibs (mailtransport) MailTransport::SendQueuedAction::itemAccepted: Item doesn't have DispatchModeAttribute.  kontact(8886)/kdepimlibs (mailtransport) MailTransport::SendQueuedAction::itemAccepted: Item doesn't have DispatchModeAttribute.  kontact(8886)/kdeui (KWindowInfo) KWindowInfo::state: Pass NET::WMState to KWindowInfo 

The result of all this is that I cannot send any mail AT ALL. Now first how can I have Factory when my repos are only the OSS/NOSS/updates/ updated apps. Kmail came from updates so, there should not be Factory??
Still, I somebody experience the same and has a workaround, nice.

BTW. I have two other machines where the KDE4.8.3 made the pgp encryption unusable. So an advice to “update from the stable to the unstable version” is not an option. Allready tried and for good reasons rejected for the working horse.
Thank you for all suggestions. If no solution is there then I will have to try with thunderbird. Still, how come that one has a KDE SC and all the SC that is more than a plasmoid is down the drain?? Well the devs will probably have good reasons to make such a stable programme as KDE KMAIL3 was, such a pain and endevour. Thinking of it, also the spell check is crapy compared with version 3 and I shall report that bug too.

P.S. is there a command to list the latest updates the system did install with yast and find the culprit? Something like a rpm timeline?

P.S. is there a command to list the latest updates the system did install with yast and find the culprit? Something like a rpm timeline?

rpm -qa -last | less

I had a look at the packages available in YOU after I saw your post and the only thing I spotted with any relevance (as far as I could see) was postfix. My KMail is working fine, set-up with IMAP, POP and SMTP at the moment. but I have not installed the postfix patch ( I became a bit reluctant now).

BTW, I am on KDE 4.7.2 as you

This might not be of much help, but it is data nevertheless:
Using 11.4 and KDE 4.6. Installed the Postfix update a few days ago. No problems.

But I admit there is a huge difference between Kmail and other KDE-PIM applications between 4.6 and 4.7 (the reason while I am still on 11.4 and my wife even on 11.2).

Today I have quite some problem to post, but still, I found a workaround and posted it with the bug-report.
you are offline, you write a mail (I do no recall if kmail was in online or offline mode while I was offline, but maybe I asked to go online because otherwise my pop mail are not readable (I think this is another bug)). So now, if you write a message (in my case with attachments (do not know if matters) and then you say “send later” it will be stored in the outbox. If you now shutdown the computer, at the next login you have the brilliant situation that all seems fine…but kmail does not send email. It does not produce even an error message pop-up. Just silence.
If you start it from the terminal you get the error written about in the bug, I linked to, as of above.
Now I found that kmail “mail dispatcher” apparently for unknown reasons goes offline (so I think I found one of those “unkown reasons”). So once you know that you go into the terminal and type:


you agree on the warning that you know what you are doing and you check the status of the dispatcher. You find it eventually like me “offline”. Click on it to toggle it online.
Now that it is online, when you start kmail again (I did a complete reboot in the meanwhile, I do not think it is necessary though) you find that…it does not send mail. Now, you get an error message that smtp authorization is required. You go into the settings and find that you password has vanished and the server in question is marked as “does not require authentication”. You tick this on again and by hand you write the password from the scratch. If you do not recall your password you can still find it in the kwallet, strangely enough it is there as before, so you may copy and paste.
You save the password and you exit from the settings.
Now your kmail is able to send mail again.
Easy no?