Just getting started with openSUSE Leap ~ How to play mp3 audio files

Greetings to all.

After using various versions of Linux Mint KDE for the past couple of years, I’ve recently decided to switch to openSUSE Leap. My decision was based on an AWFUL experience with Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon, wherein the latter installation was manifesting some really strange behavior when trying to perform some very simple bash commands via bash scripts. I lost many files of various types, and just barely escaped losing some really important data files. That experience was more than enough to motivate me to switch to another linux distro.

I’ve recently completed a fresh & full install of openSUSE Leap. Everything is working really well with the exception of a minor but significant multimedia problem: Neither VLC nor Amarok will play MP3 files.

I’ve got the Packman repository installed within YaST, but I have no idea of what I need to load in order to get functionality for MP3 files.

So, my question is simply this: What do I need to install in order to get full access to MP3 audio files? VLC seems to be doing everything I need as far as playing various videos files, and Amarok plays *.wav and *.ogg audio files just fine. But I have yet to determine which codecs are missing in my new installation that will give me full access to MP3 files with both of these multimedia applications.

I’m sure that this question has been discussed many, many times, but I have yet to find a clear & effective solution to my MP3 dilemma within messages relating to openSUSE Leap.
Thank very much for any CLEAR instructions that some of you might send my way. :slight_smile:


Did you read the Sticky thread at the top of these Multimedia forum? There it is all explanied IMHO.

Just thought I’d post a little update: Turns out that my “problem” really isn’t a problem at all. I kept trying to play one particular MP3 audio file with both VLC and Amarok. And when it wouldn’t work, I just assumed that I didn’t have the correct codecs installed.

Well, it turns out that I can, indeed, play MP3 files with both of these applications. My so-called problem was actually caused by that one particular MP3 file, which appears to be corrupted somehow. Once I started trying to play several other MP3 files on my system, everything worked just FINE.

So, pardon me silliness for not bothering to test lots of other MP3 files before I posted my question.

But thanks anyway for responding to my query. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are welcome and nice you can play music.