Just downloaded 11.1

I’ve just downloaded the 11.1 KDE live cd and so far I have to say I love it! I have Kubuntu 8.10 installed now but I’d love to replace it with this.

Only problem is I’d rather the DVD version because this doesn’t include a lot of programs I’d like. Problem with that is with 512kbps internet… you should already know. To buy it from the Novell shop will cost over $100 which I’d rather not spend so I’m thinking of buying it from on-disk.com

Just wondering, why is Firefox like light yellow? Also, how do I go about getting sound working? It works but I can only control it through the speakers so it’s not very loud.

Anyway, opensuse 11.1 = 1000 times better than Kubuntu 8.10 :slight_smile:

Did you try adjusting the volume with your mixer ?

Sometimes, it is necessary to go to YaST > Hardware > Sound > Other > volume and move up the slider bars there.

Edit: Welcome to our forum, and WELCOME to openSUSE Linux.

I find it is easer just to download the cd, and then grab the programs I want from the repositories. I typically update, grab programs on dial up speed, and leave my alloted broadband for other things