jquery - how to test if it is up and running on a webspace.

hello dear linux-experts

jquery - how to test if it is up and running on a webspace.

can i see it via the php-ini!?
can i ( re-) upload if it is missing

are there options to see if it is running or not.

love to hear from you

JQuery is not running per se, it is a function library that you have to include and call in your javascript code.
You might have to upload the JQuery files to your webspace as well.

And it is running in the Webbrowser then, not the server.

See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JQuery

Why do you ask?

Yes, jQuery is a function library. Think of it of a set of re-usable code blocks you can reference instead of writing <all> the code from scratch.

Although you <can> include the specific version of jQuery library to be downloaded to the User (Client) in your webpage code, that is typically advisable only when developing. Once your code is ready for Production, you should then reference jQuery from a CDN source to make your overall code more lightweight and so that the version of jQuery is re-usable as the User moves from one site to another which uses the same jQuery. Several standard CDNs (and other descriptions of how to deploy jQuery) can be found at the jQuery website

Probably the most straightforward way to verify your code using jQuery works is to just run your code and view in a browser. An IDE like Eclipse allows you to test and modify in runtime, but you can do the same by simply deploying on a Dev webserver (typically local) and refresh your browser after any changes.


hello dear TSU hello at all

many many thanks

well i run a Wordpress-cms on my webspace (the server ist administered by a friend of me)

i need some tests - to get to know if the cms - A wordpress version 3.9 is shipped and installed correctly.
a kind of straightforward test to see that the page - ( note: beta - beta: http://www.literaturen.org ) has all the files and packages that are needed to run and " execute" the jquery functions.

is this doable.

can there help some kind of patches or the like

btw: can i see and test some functions of jquery - with firebug!? I have firebug up and running here.

love to hear from you


I think WordPress should come with jQuery, yes.
Never used WordPress though, only Joomla (which does include it).

I’m getting the feeling

  • This may be your first Wordpress website
  • This may be your first production website of any type

Some quick recommendations:

  • If you have the capability, don’t do anything experimental on a paying Customer’s website. Instead, deploy local versions of Wordpress on your own machine(s). Note I suggest plural instances of Wordpress, you should build “core” basic instances of any important versions and also various staging/development/testing versions. Once code has been verified, then update Production (but always have a rollback strategy in place if necessary)
  • To deploy multiple test instances, I highly recommend use of virtualization, everywhere you can. That includes your own machine, any staging and even production machines. Enables easy backup/recovery, snapshot and rollback, incrementals, everything.
  • Understand that no matter what you do to try to avoid problems, “things will happen.” Hardware differences (again, another argument for virtualization). Different shared/available resources. So, be on your toes. Understand you can’t test for everything, eg a Wordpress plugin might be configured/deployed incorrectly by the User. When you “own” the deployment, you can never set it and forget it.
  • As wolfi described, you can’t really be responsible for “whether jQuery works.” jQuery may be set up in Wordpress (or other web framework) but it is only in the way that jQuery <is available>. If a webmaster isn’t comfortable with that, then the solution is easy. Just manually declare the jQuery library in the <head></head> section of every webpage it’s required, and as I described earlier if you use a CDN no re-downloads will take place if it’s already loaded in the client’s RAM. Allowing the webmaster/coder to specify jQuery in their webpages may even be desirable since it gives that person control over the version of jQuery used (can be very important).

The last thing I would highly recommend is that if you’re not also writing the jQuery code, you should make sure you have strong communication between anyone creating as well as deploying code to minimize conflicts and ensure requirements are met. If you’re responsible for production deployment, I would also highly recommend you build the staging and dev environments for the coders as well so that you are certain all running environments are similar. The coders should appreciate being given a dev environment, not only will they have less work to setup but they should understand it also means writing less code that won’t work.


hello dear TSU

many thanks for the quick reply - and for all the explanations. i will digg deeper in all that.

btw- i ve written you a pm.


hello again - i get even more errors - if i have a closer look at **the fire-bug-console; **ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

SyntaxError: illegal character
!function(a,b){\"object\"==typeof module&&\"object\"==typeof module.exports

    load-s...ver=3.9 (Zeile 2, Spalte 15)
SyntaxError: illegal character
...c,d){var f;return f=c&&c.hasOwnProperty(\"constructor\")?c.constructor:function(...
load-s...ver=3.9 (Zeile 1, Spalte 60)
ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
})( jQuery );

customize.php (Zeile 560)
ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

love to hear from you