Jpeg2000 viewer

Does someone know how to view jpeg 2000 images without converting them beforehand? I noticed that the support in qt has been deprecated. I have tried Gwenview and Geequi, but both tell me that the file .jp2 is unsupported.

Try ImageMagick … it should work.

magick display does work, but is there something more GUI oriented, that would allow me to zoom and change picture with a nice interface?

How about XnView … have you tried it ?

I did not remember they had a Linux version. It’s even on Flathub!
This surely works for me.
Let’s hope some search engines redirect here for jpeg2000 on Linux here, instead of the results I found.

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Look at this URL at Wiki for JPG2000 … and scroll down to the “Application Support” section … you will see a list of applications that might support JPG2000 :+1:

Gimp opens jpg2000 images and so dose VIPS image lib ( it has a built in image viewer )