Alright I have had it with logitech controllers, they suck.
I am looking to an alternate gamepad maker that has great build support but also works on all my games on my system.
I have tried logitech, I have tried my PS3 controller… Neither do what I want.
So I beg you please suggest me a good gamepad that will work on almost any game except the ones that use the mouse and keyboard…
heck I might buy a xbox one but I am reluctant to do so.

I just have some ‘Bog Standard’ unbranded usb freebie - nothing fancy. It works just fine.

I haven’t gotten my ps3 controller to do anything other than annoy me. Yeah I am a little down on the playstation products since my PS3 decided earlier today that all it was good for was being a blinking red LED, but objectively I have no idea how you got the ps3 controller to do anything useful, at least as far as the analog sticks were concerned…

I got a PS3 Hori Fight Stick 3 to work, provided you know what button triggers what, under an SDL test program and not under any practical testing (but the basic functionality test was promising) but yeah that is hardly a general purpose controller.

Another problem as far as I can tell is that joystick compatibility is a little weak in linux games, correct me if I’m wrong but I think saeurbraten requires a mouse, for instance, even though adding joystick support would probably be pretty doable. Maybe if we knew what games you were playing it would be a tad easier for others to give a little more constructive advice.

Anyhow, I guess all I mean is that anything has to be better than the ps3 controller, and the xbox 360 controller is not a terrible choice, even though it’s d-pad is unusable for anything but weapon swapping in an fps and its triggers feel like they are glued together with concentrated evil…