Java plugin & Firefox/Seamonkey

Hi all,

I have installed the latest version of Java (1.6.0.u6-3.1), the Java plugin for Java 1.6, Seamonkey (1.1.9-8.1) and Firefox ( via Yast.

This is on openSUSE 10.3.

I uninstalled Java 1.5 before install 1.6.

I cannot get Java to work with either Firefox or Seamonkey.

I have looked in the forums and made sure that there is a symlink to in my .mozilla/plugins directory.

Other than that I can’t find any iformation that might apply.

Java works fine with Opera and Konqueror. Before the I updated everything it used to work with Seamonkey and Firefox as well (java 1.5)

Any help appreciated.


Problem solved. Had to reboot the computer, then everything worked. Unclear why a reboot was necessary, but it was.