Its about a "Total Techie Thing"

Well I was wondering whether to do this for the past 1 month. Decided that I need to express this.

I was a calm windows user. However various bugs (virus, spyware, adware and what not) kept affecting the OS. Till one day somebody told me "DUDE, DID YOU KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED OPEN SUSE (I have heard about linux earlier). The crow and water story began then

I took an alternative comp and tried installing Open Suse. WOOW IT WAS GREAT. It never got installed…

However I looked at apt and yum and YAST (oops Open Suse would yell. It is YaST) and a lot more and finally got INSTALLED :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

They have something called as HCL. BUT MAKE SURE HCL is something those distros (oops distros are those linux things man which works) It really works if ur related distros are working/not working.

uffff a lot a sweat but finally I did it. Now what BILL GATES believes in “INTERNET IS THE WORLD.”

Try this on open suse after ur installation. If u get it in 5 secs you are part of its creator. Else you go thro a lot visions and missions.

Other side Windows ate up most of my files (virus and bots)

So where are we?

Nowhere…basic truth is live with what keeps you going…

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since you posted it in this forum: What are you looking for?


If I had to guess - more crack.