Issues with Nvidia GEForce GT 630M

First of all, I’m relatively new to Linux & completely new to OpenSUSE so just bear with me, I guess. It all started when I first decided to install OpenSUSE 12.1 via liveCD. It would freeze while booting up (along with liveCDs from, like, 4 other distros) and I eventually realized it was the video card. I disabled it in the BIOS & was able to install OpenSUSE with no problems. Everything went great for a couple of weeks before I got greedy & decided to sort out the video card. However, after attempting to install the Nvidia driver from their website ( if that means anything to you), it just goes straight to failsafe - even if I disable the video card in the BIOS again.

A lot of what I’ve done has come from here: SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE
Things I’ve done to try to fix it:

  • All three of the dependencies listed are installed (gcc, make, & kernel-devel)
  • Ran the “rcxdm start” command mentioned in that link
  • Blacklisted nouveau via 50-blacklist.conf & also removed “blacklist nvidiafb”
  • Also added “modset.nouveau=0” to the boot options

Took a look at 50-nvidia.conf as well but wasn’t sure what it all meant. Do I perhaps need to change something in there as well?

Not really sure where to go from here. Have searched relentlessly on Google & haven’t really found very much information. If you need any additional information, that’s cool. Just let me know. Thanks so much for your help. :slight_smile:

Does this mean you have a hybrid system?

Hybrid system? Do you mean the graphics? If so then yes, apparently if everything’s easy peasy, it uses the onboard graphics but if need be, it uses the Nvidia card. It’s a Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 if that really matters as well.

search here

Search -

for hybrid graphics