Issues with both Wine and Cedega on OpenSUSE

Hey There,

So I am attempting to install Wine and Cedega on my OpenSUSE 11.1

Wine is flat out refusing to install with dependency issues that YaST is unable to fix

Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: warning: /tmp/wine-1.1.28-3.1.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 233ab63d
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by wine-1.1.28-3.1.i586 is needed by wine-1.1.28-3.1.i586 is needed by wine-1.1.28-3.1.i586 is needed by wine-1.1.28-3.1.i586

What packages do I need to install to grab all these needed files?.. (PS I donwloaded the Wine rpm from here)

My Cedega installs, but it fails the diagnostic test with the following error message:

Cedega Diagnostics Report
Generated: Tue Aug 25 09:06:31 2009 GMT

Starting test: dependency
dependency: error: missing required library - need one of:
dependency: error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
dependency: failed
Starting test: soundcard
soundcard: passed
Starting test: copy-protection
copy-protection: passed
Starting test: videocard
videocard: error: no direct rendering support detected
videocard: Direct rendering support is required for 3D graphics.
videocard: error: unsupported videocard vendor: unknown
videocard: Video cards from either NVIDIA or ATI are recommended.  Other video cards may not have enough hardware or driver support to run games under Cedega.
videocard: failed
Diagnostics complete

It needs one of the same libraries as Wine… so if I fix that one I get Cedega working as well.

Any input/help would be wonderful,

Respond to my other request in your nvidia question for your repo details:

Will do, after seeing that I figured the two are linked… hoping one solves the other. Will report back with the results in the morning.


Alrighty, well with this posting I am bringing an end to my OpenSUSE experience. After the updates finished I proceeded to un-install the 185 drivers and install the 190 drivers (which worked fine)

When the system came back online all of my window decorations had vanished on me… Cedega is still failing the diagnostic test, not to mention apparently after that last upgrade my “sound applet” for gnome is decrypted and no longer adds to my menu bar. This comboed with YaST inferiority to apt-get and yum - well lets just say there is a reason OpenSUSE is #4 on distrowatch.

Thanks for everyone that helped me the the video drivers working, perhaps I’ll give it another go when 11.2 is released.


Jeff. Take care. Thanks for letting us know. Hope to see you again:)