Issues installing patches


I’m a new linux user. A friend of mine installed linux for me on my computer and now I’m setting this up so I can work with it. However, numerous issues popped up, all revolving around the same thing; installation of patches.

When I try to install the latest patches, it gives one of two errors (sometimes both);

  • need suse 11.1 cd/dvd to install
  • cannot install because it needs python

In the first case, the dvd is IN THE DVD PLAYER. There is no problem with the dvd player at all. We used it to install linux in the first place! And why would it need the dvd for new patches anyway?


Error: 2:Failed to provide Package rpm- Do you want to retry retrieval?

[openSUSE 11.1-0|cd:///?devices=/dev/sr0] Can’t provide file ‘./suse/i586/rpm-’ from repository ‘openSUSE 11.1-0’

  • Media source ‘cd:///?devices=/dev/sr0’ does not contain the desired medium

  • Can’t provide ./suse/i586/rpm- : Media Exception

Downloading the rpm manually yielded nothing. It needed another rpm which it shouldn’t need according to the list and I was unable to find the download for that other rpm. If this was the only rpm in trouble I’d be asking for a download of it instead of help, but it the problem doesn’t stop there.

Because of the second error, I tried to see if I could install python, hoping that would fix all problems.
When trying to install the python packages, those need other rpms too and those other rpms need python in the first place. Yeah… not good. Playing around with the exact python packages a bit I also got the “need cd/dvd” error several times, leading to another dead end.

So… Can I please get some help on fixing this problem? I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you,

why would it need the dvd for new patches anyway?

you need a DVD because it cannot actually modify your installed things rather it would go for the DVD source to install your patches by using some sort of files from DVD

Do not ask me what files from DVD!
bcoz i’m a user not a developer…

have a nice time