Issue with pssh -I option

I use pssh a lot to manage some servers that I work with and I’ve run into some issues when I try to use it in openSUSE. In Debian/Ubuntu this works just fine.

The issue is that if I use the -I option then the commands don’t run. The -I option is supposed to allow you to type in several commands as if it were a script. Here are some tests.

Inline works:

> pssh -H user@localhost -i 'echo Success'
[1] 07:10:12 [SUCCESS] user@localhost

This doesn’t work in openSUSE but does in Debian:

> pssh -H user@localhost -i -I
echo Success
[1] 07:10:20 [SUCCESS] user@localhost
Stderr: Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.

Maybe there is an option I need to pass to pssh for it to work correctly? Any ideas?