issue with OpenSuse Prime drivers

I make installation of the Open Suse Prime driver from this guide :

But when I try to switch between nvidia and intel, I use this command :

prime-select intel,

but the result is :

I receive this issue
modprobe: FATAL: Module nvidia_drm is in use.
bbswitch is not installed. NVIDIA card will not be powered off.

What shuld I do to fix it?

I think for prime you’ll need bumblebee installed if you don’t already as error messages seem to suggest.

You can follow this guide to get bumblebee installed on your system following the steps for Tumbleweed at

You probably need to stop your logind
Last few posts in this github issue

Makes sense.

I fix it. The fix is this command :

zypper in suse-prime-beta-bbswitch.

This fix all issues. Where I can find any official non-beta package for this?