Issue with NTP Open Suse 15.2

anyone having issue with NTP Open Suse 15.2? Time appears to slip. Tried a different NTP, but issue persists.

It is possible that someone is still running openSUSE 15.2, but as it is already a long time out of support, those having experience with it will have moved forward to 15.3 and 15.4 a long time ago and may have forgotten if they had a similar experience.

In any case, running a supported version will make it more likely that when such a problem is there, it will be corrected. I assume that will not be the case for 15.2

Are you quite sure that, you’ve setup the NTP Client correctly?

There weren’t any issues with NTP mentioned in the Leap 15.2 Release Notes –

Since openSUSE Leap 15, chrony is the default implementation of NTP.

Are you quite certain that, you’re using “chrony” and not the Leap 15.2 Package “ntp”?

  • I have a funny sneaky feeling that, the “chrony” and “ntp” packages are mutually exclusive and, if both are running – in other words, systemd is starting both the “chronyd.service” and the “ntpd.service” – trouble is expected and not at all surprising …