issue with amarok 2 collection scanning

i am using amarok 2 on 11.1
i have a collection of about 50gb.even though i add new files very rarely, every time i start amarok it stats scanning the entire collection and is taking a lot of system memory and cpu usage spikes upto 90% making impossible to use other applications.the scan lasts for about 10 - 15 min and all i can do is to sit there waiting.i had no such problems with previous versions of amarok.
any reason for this behavior?

This does not happen for me.
Try starting again witha new config file, rename the old one.


rename to amarok_old

remember to delete it later if you don’t need the _old folder

hey thanks for the immediate reply…but amarok is doing it again.presently i removed the ‘watch folders for changes’ option and using the scan only when i add new content.